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Khayal DarpanOur Products

Khayal Darpan: A feature length documentary film on the classical music in Pakistan (2006). See more details and purchase the DVD >>

Aqeedat ke Rang: a video compilation on Indian Muslims' performative cultural traditions. 55 mins. available at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

What kind of India shall we give to our children?
A booklet on how to reduce communal prejudice and violence in Indian society. 2002 (Urdu, English and Hindi)

Apni Masti: An audio CD of qawwalis by Delhi qawwal Hamsar Hayat (distributed by Navras, UK)

Dosti pa Paigham: An audio CD carrying the message of love and friendship for the people of Pakistan from a family in Maharashtra, India.

Muslim Devotional Art in India (Yousuf Saeed): A colourfully illustrated monograph on the history of Islamic popular art in India (published by Routledge, New Delhi, 2012)

More audio CDs and video DVDs of traditional music and documentary films are under production at Ektara India. Please check here again soon.