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Who is there in Ektara

Ektara is an initiative by a few Delhi-based arts and media professionals, including the following:

Yousuf SaeedYousuf Saeed:

Yousuf is an independent filmmaker and writer based in New Delhi, managing the Tasveer Ghar archive. Having worked at organizations like the Times of India and Encyclopedia Britannica, Yousuf has co-directed and edited TV programmes (like Turning Point on Doordarshan), documentary films like Basant, Inside Ladakh, Khayal Darpan, Jannat ki Rail, and Khusrau Darya Prem ka, besides writing in publications such as the Times of India, Marg, and Art Connect (Bangalore). Yousuf has been involved in activities of peace and communal harmony through his write-ups and film screenings. He has been a Sarai Fellow (in 2004) and a grantee of India Foundation of the Arts, Bangalore (2013). In recent years, he has researched on and documented south Asia’s popular Islamic art and heritage, and authored the richly illustrated volume Muslim Devotional Art in India (Routledge, 2012). More about Yousuf >>

Dhruv SangariDhruv Sangari: Sepcializes in Sufi music, event managment, music training.
More about Dhruv >>

Saif A. Khan: Trainer-Process (Voice, Accent and Soft Skills), Film appreciation
More about Saif >>

Sunil Sharma: Author, professor of Persian, Currently at Boston University, United States
More about Sunil >>