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What has Ektara been doing:

Members of Ektara have been involved in various activities of art and cultural promotion in collaboration as well as in their individual capacity. Here are some of our past activities:

Film Production

IGNCA exhibitBoojh Sakey to Boojh (Guess If You Can): 4 films on poet Amir Khusrau, for Doordarshan (1996). An abridged and subtitled version of this film is titled 'The Heritage of Amir Khusrau'.

Basant: a short film on Sufi spring (1997)

Jannat ki Rail (The Train to Heaven): A short musical video celebrating India’s popular Islam (2006). Part of 3 short films on India's popular Islam. Another report.

Khayal Darpan: A feature length documentary film on the classical music in Pakistan (2006)

Online/Digital Arts

Amir Khusrau website: A web platform featuring the poetry and historical details about the 13th century poet Amir Khusrau (alif-india.com) Also an older mirror site.

Tasveer Ghar: A digital archive of south Asian popular visual culture (tasveerghar.net)

Events and Exhibits

Basant festival around the shrine of Nizamuddin at Delhi in 2002-2004

Amir Khusrau Poetry exhibition at India Social Forum,
New Delhi, Nov. 2006

Aqeedat ke Rang: exhibit of popular Muslim art at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, 2008

Hindustani Music and Partition: An academic workshop at Jamia Millia Islamia, Aug.2008

Workshop on Appreciating Sufi Music and Qawwali, October 2009

Workshop on Appreciating Sufi Music and Qawwali, December 2009


What kind of India shall we give to our children? A booklet on how to reduce communal prejudice and violence in Indian society. 2002 (Urdu, English and Hindi). Read its online English version.


Apni Masti: An audio CD of qawwalis by Delhi qawwal Hamsar Hayat (distributed by Navras, UK)
Many other audio CDs and video DVDs of traditional music and documentary films are under production at Ektara India.

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